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I create outstanding investor
pitch decks


For over ten years I have worked closely with founders to perfect their pitching materials and technique.


My approach is bespoke; it isn’t about pitch deck templates, or cookie cutting. This is about taking each story and making it the best it can be, for an investor audience.


A startup founder will hear the phrase “send me your deck” a lot. You need a great deck that generates excitement and gets you the meeting, but then you need to be able to tell a great story face to face, whether you are using the deck or not, and whether you have thirty minutes or ten. That’s why I focus on both.

I create crisp clean decks that weave stories in the most compelling way, decks founders love using. I also work on verbal delivery to immediately grab the attention and make the investor see the opportunity the same way you do.

Get in touch and see how I can help

“Claire was absolutely magic to work with. She understood our business with lightning speed and helped us distill our message into a really well structured set of slides that hit all the right notes. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."

Simone Maini, CEO, Elliptic

Who I am

Over the last ten years I have worked on 100s of pitches at all stages. From seed pitches to angels, venture capital at Series A through later stage fundraising, private equity exits and IPOs.


I get involved whenever there is a need. It might be right at the start when the deck is being put together, or it might be honing delivery just days before investor conversations are due to begin.

How I work

My three most popular services.

Pitch creation + delivery

I create the content for a full suite of investor materials from scratch. The one-pager, a superset of slides and the short pitch deck, and then hone the verbal messaging for confident and persuasive delivery.

Pitch review + delivery

I review your existing pitch deck, restructuring and creating    additional slides where necessary. I then focus heavily on your verbal messaging, making sure the story flows, elevating your key messages, cutting out the noise and clearly articulating your investment opportunity.

Pure delivery

I work purely on your verbal delivery, perhaps ahead of a pitch or demo day. I pare back your content, drawing out your key messages for concise but persuasive communication.

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