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Pitch deck creation and delivery coaching

As a startup founder you need a great pitch deck to open the door to potential investors. But to close the door, and your fundraising round, then you need to deliver an outstanding pitch face to face

Pitch deck templates can operate as useful checklists, but pitching is both an art and a science. A template can give you the science, but the real art is storytelling.

When I am working with founders to create a new pitch deck my focus is on building a strong narrative that takes the investor on an exciting journey, engages them and holds their attention. The flow needs to be natural and logical, so that you are answering the very question that next comes to mind.


There are certain boxes that you always need to tick - the problem, your solution, the market potential, your business model, competitive landscape etc. I could go on, but any search for a VC pitch deck template will give you the checklist. 

The art is to tick all these boxes whilst telling a captivating story. You need to do this both in the pitch deck itself, and then verbally face to face across the table from an investor.

I can work with you on both aspects. 

Get in touch and see how I can help

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