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Pitch deck delivery coaching

Have you got a VC pitch coming up? Or are you pitching an accelerator or an angel network? Do you need an external perspective not just on what you're saying but how you're saying it?

I can help.

When you know your business as well as any founder will, being able to see the forest for the trees becomes impossible. You can no longer hear your story as someone will for the first time. You assume knowledge that just isn't there and miss out crucial information or assume the implication of a point is obvious - when actually it is lost on the listener. 

And when it comes to how you say it - you need impact but also sincerity. You need to be compelling concise and clear. 

My background as a criminal barrister taught me how to build the best story from any set of facts and gave me extensive experience of delivering persuasive presentations that captivate an audience.

Get in touch and see how I can help

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